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Showmanship on display

They might not have anticipated what they were in for, when the third match of the day showcased last minute addition to this year’s tournament lineup, Italian world number 49 Paolo Lorenzi and ITF-junior, 18 year old Keanu Ellen from USA.

Even though he seldomly plays on grass, and even though he was going to do so against a top 50 player in the world, it was clear that Keanu went into the match with a positive attitude.

It thoroughly looked as though he was enjoying himself, feeding of the audience who was loving the display of hard hitting athletic performance he put on.

A Bahrami-junior, he was named by one of the spectators, and perhaps rightfully so from the showmanship he showed today.

This wasn’t enough though to beat Paolo’s experience of many years on the world tour and high ranking, the match ultimately ending 3-6, 6-o to Paolo.

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13-15 June 2024