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Order of play

Order of Play 2023

The order of play will be announced the day before play by 9pm on the page below.

Thursday 22nd June | Starting at 1PM

  • Enzo Couacaud (FRA) vs. Elijah Poritzky (USA)
  • Nigina Abduraimova (UZB) vs. Marie Benoit (BEL)
  • Marcus Willis (GBR) vs. Dimitar Kuzmanov (BGR)
  • Cheshire vs. Lancashire [County Mixed Doubles]

Friday 23rd June | Starting at 1PM

  • Dimitar Kuzmanov (BGR) vs. Elijah Poritzky (USA)
  • Marcus Willis (GBR) vs. Enzo Couacaud (FRA)
  • Cheshire vs. Lancashire [County Mixed Doubles]

Saturday 24th June | Starting at 1PM

  • Men’s Final – Enzo Couacaud (FRA) vs. Dimitar Kuzmanov (BGR)
  • Women’s Final – Marie Benoit (BEL) vs. Nigina Abduraimova (UZB)
  • Marcus Willis (GBR) vs. Elijah Poritzky (USA)
  • County Mixed Doubles Final

13-15 June 2024